Online edition for photographers and designers Creative Bloq have compiled a list of excellent programs designed for image editing. It became popular as Lightroom and Photoshop, and less known, but noteworthy ones.

Best free photo editors

Some programs and services from this section have paid versions with extra features or contain optional in-app purchases.

1. Fotor

Best free photo editors: Fotor

  • Platform: web, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows.

No matter you’re alone at the table or not, Fotor will provide everything needed for a basic manipulation with images. Editor available in the browser as well as desktop and mobile applications. A rich set of tools, certainly enough for most of your creative needs.

In Fotor convenient to quickly adjust images with one button. But you can also resize, crop, rotate and align the images and remove the background manually.

The editor also features handy tools to retouch, which removes red eye and wrinkles. There is even a function to work with the HDR and Tilt-Shift editor (imposes a special blur effect) in case you want to give images of epic.

Fotor →

2. Pixlr

Best free photo editors: Pixlr

  • Platform: web, iOS, Android.

Pixlr is positioned as “the most popular online photo editor in the world” that might have something to do with his gratuity. At the same time, the service boasts 600 effects, overlays and frames. With Pixlr, you can do all the typical photo editing operations: cropping and resizing to remove red-eye and whitening teeth.

If you’re used to Photoshop, you’ll quickly feel Pixlr, because the interfaces of both editors are very similar.

Pixlr →


Best free photo editors: GIMP

  • Platform: Linux, Windows, macOS.

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program (program for image manipulation GNU). This photo editor open-source debuted on Unix platforms, now available on all popular desktop operating systems.

GIMP offers an impressive Toolkit. Inside easy to find all the usual tools, including brushes, color correction, and tools of copying, allocation and improvement.

The team that controls the development of GIMP, did a good job on compatibility: in the editor you can work with all popular formats without any problems. The program includes a convenient file Manager, reminiscent of Adobe Bridge.



The best free image editors

  • Platform: Windows. — surprisingly functional and useful free tool. The developers have focused on ease of use and develop him more as a photo than a drawing program.

And yet there are many special effects, allowing you to easily change the perspective, to mix and move the pixels on the canvas, duplicate the selected area and so on.

Large selection of selection tools, support for layers and settings like curves and brightness / contrast do a great alternative to Photoshop for photo editing. Especially if you can do without the latest additions to the Toolkit Adobe. →

5. Sumo Paint

The best free image editors Sumo Paint

  • Platform: web.

Sumo Paint is a very functional browser-based photo editor. It contains all the basic features, typical of desktop programs. And by subscribing to the paid version for $ 9 per month, you can install and the desktop app Sumo Paint.

To run an online editor you’ll need Adobe Flash Player. So use Sumo Paint on iOS will not work.

A list of tools Sumo Paint includes brushes, pencils, shapes, text, cloning, gradients, and not only. Everything is easy to find on the floating toolbar, similar to the panel from Photoshop.

At the same time the editor has limitations, able to scare off some users. The most important of them supports only one color mode RGB. Color model CMYK, which is used in the printing, Sumo Paint isn’t working. This editor is only suitable for photos destined for the screen.

Sumo Paint →

6. Photo Editor by Aviary

Best free photo editors: Photo Editor by Aviary

  • Platform: web, iOS, Android.

Aviary — a nice designed app that is a perfect balance between serious editing (removal of skin imperfections, whiten teeth, change the size and various options of correction) and decorative features (stickers, color overlay and adding text). The program does not look gaudy or childish.

Photo Editor by Aviary →

Best paid photo editors

1. Photoshop CC

Best paid photo editors: Photoshop CC

  • Platform: Windows, macOS.
  • Price: $ 9.99 per month.

The latest version of Photoshop CC is, without a doubt, an impressive photo editor. Probably the best of all. But for every month you have to pay.

Users of Photoshop CC available a huge number of brushes, filters, fonts, tools, automatic and manual correction, as well as various interface settings. It offers an advanced system of layers, different blending modes, and more.

If you like, for your needs a large part of the Photoshop is simply superfluous. But professionals will find everything needed to solve the tasks of any complexity.

Photoshop CC →

2. Adobe Lightroom CC

Картинки по запросу lightroom cc

  • Platform: Windows, macOS.
  • Price: $ 9.99 per month.

Adobe Lightroom allows you to concentrate the work in one place, manage it and share the results with any device. Many creatives prefer this editor Photoshop after using Lightroom is easier to make a simple routine edit and work with RAW files.

With Lightroom you can store images on the computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device, and even automatically send them from your phone in store program immediately after creation. Synchronization happens by itself. So when you make changes in one place, they automatically appear on other devices.

Adobe Lightroom CC →

3. Luminar 2018

The best editors Luminar 2018

  • Platform: macOS, Windows.
  • Price: $ 69.

If you are looking for an alternative to Lightroom for a reasonable price in the format of a one-time payment, please note the latest version of Luminar 2018. This photo editor Packed with tools for quick and easy fixes such nuances like distortion, chromatic aberration and ragged edges. You will also receive 40 non-destructive filters (you can cancel at any time) for the transformation of images.

In addition, Luminar 2018 contains a set of professional tools that will allow you to bring the photos to the highest possible quality. Among them, the manual correction of optics, the layers with different blending modes, masks, history panel, and the best support for plugins Photoshop and the ability to convert Lightroom presets to use in the Luminar.

Luminar 2018 →

4. Affinity Photo

Best tools: Affinity Photo

  • Platform: macOS, Windows, iOS (iPad).
  • Price: $49.99 (Windows, macOS), the $19.99  (iPad).

Availability on Windows, iPad and macOS together with the lack of subscription fees make Affinity Photo from Serif alternative to Photoshop, which everyone can afford.

The latest version can boast many cool features, including merging photos to HDR, editing 360-degree shots, macro recording and batch processing of files. And adjusting tone mapping will allow you to convert any photo, whether a picture in JPG format or photo in HDR — in a dramatic scene with the details, the existence of which you were unaware.

Affinity Photo →

5. PaintShop Pro

The best image editors: PaintShop Pro

  • Platform: Windows.
  • Price: $79.99 (basic version), $99.99 (the premium version).

PaintShop Pro was the best replacement for Photoshop for the last 20 years and still not losing positions. In 2018, the editor looks more easy, simple and innovative than ever before. It offers project templates, the built-in function snapshot right part of the screen, the gradient tool, and improved support for graphic tablets and styluses.

You can purchase a more expensive version of PaintShop Pro Ultimate 2018 to get some additional features. These include professional tools for working with RAW files, automatic photo corrections and screen recording.

PaintShop Pro →

6. Acorn

The best image editors: Acorn

  • Platform: macOS.
  • Price: $29.99

Image editor Acorn debuted back in 2007 and has provided hobbyists and professionals with limited funds an excellent software for photo processing. Among other tools, the editor supports layer styles, non-destructive filters (you can cancel at any time), curves, levels, blending modes, and much more.

6 Acorn offers an excellent interface combining filters with which you can create unique effects. You can even save and modify your filters after you close and open the image again.

Acorn →

7. Photoshop Elements

Best photo editors: Photoshop Elements

  • Platforms: Windows, macOS.
  • Price: $99,99

This is a simplified alternative to Photoshop CC, which is reflected in fast and controlled editing modes. But its functionality may be enough for you. In addition, you don’t have to pay for a subscription for Elements.

In 2018, Photoshop Elements has improved management capabilities and smart photo editing tools. For example, with the help of the program you can open closed eyes, print pictures and easily share them on social networks.

Photoshop Elements →

8. DxO Photolab

Лучшие фоторедакторы: DxO Photolab

  • Platforms: Windows, macOS.
  • Price: 129 Euro (basic version), 199 Euro (premium version).

DxO Photolab executes only a particular type of task but does it well. The results are impressive, but this editor is too specific and sometimes difficult to use. This is probably the best RAW Converter of all, but it is what it is capable of DxO Photolab.

Photolab DxO automatically corrects different degrees of distortion, chromatic aberration, blurred edges and vignetting, typical of most digital cameras.

You can choose image from computer and specify the settings for the conversion/correction or use one of the presets. DxO Photolab shows excellent results. However, this program cannot replace a full-fledged editor.

DxO Photolab →

9. Camera+

Best photo editor: Camera+

  • Platforms: iOS.
    Price: $ 2.99 (iPhone), $ 4.99 (iPad).
    The Camera app preinstalled on the iPhone is not ideal. Yes, it allows you to take good pictures, but does not give control over creativity.In this regard, Camera+wins. This program consists of two parts: a camera and a photo editor with a huge set of advanced features. Camera+ does not limit you to editing new pictures. You can also import old photos into it and breathe new life into them.

Camera+ →

10. Pixelmator

The best image editors Pixelmator

  • Platform: macOS, iOS.
  • Price: $29.99 (macOS), $ 4.99 (iOS).

Pixelmator is a fast and powerful photo editor. Through the use of libraries macOS program seamlessly integrates with iPhoto and iCloud. The editor is also built-in function for exporting images to Facebook and Flickr.

In Pixelmator, you’ll find tools for adjusting the color tone, saturation, shadows, light and contrast. The program offers 150 built-in filters. You can open and save images in many popular formats, including PSD, TIFF, PDF and PNG.

When working with Photoshop files, the program recognizes the layers. This allows you to collaborate with colleagues who use Adobe products.

Pixelmator →

11. Handy Photo

Best photo editor: Handy Photo

  • Platform: iOS, Android.
  • Price: $2.99

The main feature of Handy Photo is the interface located at the corners of the radial menu. It is designed in such a way as not to occupy the Central area of the screen. Effect occurs with swipes.

Handy Photo is a powerful photo editor. Its interface is not suitable for everyone, but it’s worth the features you get. For example, the Move tool allows Me to cut the objects to move, resize or rotate.

Handy Photo →