Futuremark PCMark

Futuremark PCMark

PCMark 7 includes 7 PC tests for Windows 7, combining more than 25 individual workloads covering storage, computation, image and video manipulation, web browsing and gaming. Specifically designed to cover the full range of PC hardware from netbooks and tablets to notebooks and desktops, PCMark 7 offers complete PC performance testing for Windows 7 for home and business use. PCMark 7 provides a set of 7 PC tests for measuring different aspects of PC performance with a high degree of accuracy. Overall system performance is measured by the PCMark test. The Lightweight test measures the capabilities of entry level systems and mobility platforms unable to run the full PCMark test. Common use performance is measured by the Entertainment, Creativity and Productivity tests. Component performance is measured by the Computation and Storage hardware tests. One can rely on the Storage test to test SSDs and external hard drives, as well as the system drive.

PCMark 7 Professional Edition is the only edition licensed for commercial use. The Professional Edition unlocks all features including custom testing options, unlimited test runs, automation and priority customer support. A commercial license enables you to use the benchmark for business purposes including testing for performance, conformance and stability, for research and development including component evaluation, burn-in testing and competitor analysis and for promotional use including trade shows, consumer events, overclocking competitions and other sales and marketing activities.

PCMark 7 includes a range of tests that give different views of your system’s performance. In the Advanced Edition you can choose which tests to run. The common use and hardware component tests are unavailable in the Basic Edition.


  • Unlimited runs. All PCMark 7 editions, including the free Basic Edition, offer unlimited benchmark runs.
  • Offline result management. By default, PCMark 7 submits and stores your benchmark results online on the PCMark website. If you have PCMark 7 Advanced Edition you can also save your result files to your hard drive or other local offline location.
  • Command line automation. This feature, which is only available in the PCMark 7 Professional Edition, allows the benchmark to be configured and automated using scripts running from the command line.

Online features:

PCMark 7 is complemented by online services at pcmark.com that offer additional features and tools. Access to these services is free though the features on offer vary depending on the PCMark 7 edition used.

  • Your own personal account. A personal account allows you to save your results in one place, add and edit descriptions and comments as well as granting access to all the available features and tools.
  • Browse, search and compare results. One of the most common questions from users after running a benchmark is “Is my score OK?” The PCMark online service lets you browse, search and compare results from millions of other users. In addition, every time you submit a result you will see how your score compares to those from others with similar hardware.
  • Unlimited results storage. The PCMark 7 online service allows you to store your benchmark results for reference at a later date. PCMark 7 Basic Edition users are limited to storing just one result. When submitting new results you can choose whether to keep or overwrite the previous result. PCMark 7 Advanced and Professional Edition users can store an unlimited number of results online.
  • Hide results. By default, all results submitted to the PCMark website are visible to others. PCMark 7 Advanced and Professional Edition users have the option to hide individual results from public view if they wish.
  • Advert-free. We are able to offer the PCMark online services free of charge because they are part-funded by advertising. We aim to ensure that all advertising on our websites is relevant to our users. PCMark 7 Advanced Edition users who have logged in to the online service will not see any advertising on that section of the website. Please note this does not apply to the main pages on Futuremark.com.