Overview of Imo messenger

Overview of Imo messenger

Readers of this article probably use one of the apps-instant messengers: Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger. But few know about the existence of a suitable counterpart, which, despite the lesser popularity and lack a variety of settings that overtake the quality of communication known rivals. So, consider this program Imo and how to use it.

About the program

Imo is a free cross-platform application designed for everyday people using IP-telephony and instant messaging. Unlike Skype, Imo there was no commercial rationale (in the mobile version even no advertising).

It should be noted that the small popularity of the messenger unjustified: Imo correctly shows itself in situations with a slow Internet connection – even when there is no 3g coverage, the app provides stable voice communication. Can not deprive the attention and the amount of traffic: due to efficient data compression algorithms, the program will save your money.

The main functionality

The app works by VoIP technology, i.e., through the Internet connection and using the ID (phone number). In Imo we are waiting for a standard set of functions without frills:

1. The opportunity to make audio and video calls in HD quality.
2. Send text message by adding smileys and attaching documents.
3. Remove, add friends (contacts) and create groups for communication.
4. To configure the notification sounds and AutoPlay.

How to use it?

There is nothing complicated. For starters go to this link and download the required application type (desktop or mobile version).

Attention! Before using the program for PC install the mobile version on a smartphone to verify a phone number.
So, to start chatting you need to:

1. Install an app that you downloaded earlier.
2. To Run Imo.
3. During the first run, the program asks you to enter the phone number confirmation code (will come in the form of the SMS message), name and age. All the data required for the registration in the system.
4. After creating your account, the system will automatically search the contacts available in Imo.
5. Select the right person and start a convenient form of communication.

How to remove?

The reasons for removal Imo, it is two: the small number of available contacts (due to low popularity) or software incompatibility (extremely rare).

To remove the mobile version you need:

1. Go to “Settings” – “Applications”.
2. Find Imo and tap on it.
3. In the window that appears press the “Delete” button.
4. To confirm the deletion.

For getting rid of the desktop version follow these steps:

1. Open “This PC” – “Uninstall or change a program”.
2. Find Imo Messenger.
3. Click RMB and select “Remove”.
4. Follow the instructions in the installer program.

Because of its scarcity and weak the load on the servers, messenger acts as an excellent solution for family conversations with excellent quality. I can therefore confidently recommended for use. User reviews of the app are available on PlayMarket and AppStore. Now you know what is this program Imo and why it is needed.